The 2019 Ocean Film Festival BELGIUM Tour 

    will feature the world's best ocean films from both above and below the surface.

    The films that will be showing in the 2019 programme will be announced in SUMMER 2019



    To get a flavour of the films that will feature, the 2018 films are shown below



    Category: SPORT / 5 minutes

    Meet champion free-diving husband and wife Eusebio, from Spain, and Christina, from Sydney. Self-taught photographers, they are based on the tropical island of Koh Tao, Thailand, and travel the world capturing the spirit of the oceans.


    Category: Awesome expedition & Adventure / 20 minutes

    Five years in the making, The Big Wave Project follows a tight-knit crew of leading big wave surfers who are working together to attempt a personal goal that drills to core passion of surfing: Riding the World’s Biggest Wave. Hear candid, personal, no-holds-barred accounts of the real fear of death walk side by side with ultimate personal glory and the humbling power of the ocean..

  • Touched by the Ocean


    Karlis Bardelis and Gints Barkovskis (Latvia), have a plan to row from Luderitz, Namibia, to Rio das Ostras, Brazil. They have no ocean rowing experience, a second-hand row boat and a big dream.

    A raucous tale of adventure, determination and commitment.


    Category: Ocean FAUNA / 4 MINUTES

    Adventure is Calling is the film equivalent of a love song to the ocean: a four-minute tribute to the beauty of our underwater world, the creatures that live there, and the joy we get from exploring it. Allow yourself to be submerged in this cinematographic celebration of the wonder of the planet’s oceans.


    Category: Great adventure and emotion / 11 minutes

    Steve was not your average Londoner. For a start he was a Kiwi, and instead of wallpaper his house was decorated with charts and yacht plans. After 9 years toiling in the back garden of his South London home, his 44ft ocean-going yacht was ready to set sail. The first obstacle of course was how to get the steel vessel from the back yard of a small suburban street to the London docks. Kiwi Breeze tells the inspirational story of Steve’s 24,000km voyage home to New Zealand… and his determination to achieve his dream.


    Category: PASSION & EMOTION / 32 MINUTES

    To some, the ocean is a fearsome and dangerous place. But to others, it’s a limitless world of fun, freedom and opportunity where life can be lived to the full. A new documentary presented by Patagonia and directed by Keith Malloy, FISHPEOPLE tells the stories of a unique cast of characters who have dedicated their lives to the sea. From surfers and spearfishers to a former coal miner and a group of at-risk kids in San Francisco, it’s a film about the transformative effects of time spent in the ocean—and how we can leave our limitations behind to find deeper meaning in the saltwater wilderness that lies just beyond the shore.


    Category: SPORTS / 15 MINUTES

    Achmat had high hopes. He had a budding sports career with dreams of representing South Africa, but this all changed on August the 13th 2006 when he had his first meeting with Scarlet. Little did Achmat know, that this meeting with a 4.7m Great White Shark named Scarlet would be the beginning of an 11-year bond.

  • Turtley Addicted

    Category: ENVIRONMENT / 10 MINUTES

    Every morning in Cairns Australia, a group gathers at the marina, for a special journey. They’re a mixed bunch from all over, but have one thing in common. These people, are turtle addicts. And today, they’re headed to rehab.

    Turtley Addicted is a success story of how one person can make a difference.

  • Ai’s Journey

    Category: DEEP SEA / 4 MINUTES

    Join world champion freediver Ai Futaki as she takes us on an inspiring journey to remind of the beauty of our oceans. Filmed on Western Australia’s stunning Rowley Reef we are treated to an underwater glimpse at one of the planets last untouched coral reef systems. Be transported to another world, one filled with marine life and without gravity.