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    adventure, exploration, emotion and courage



    Category: Awesome expedition & Adventure

    48 minutes, Produced by: Nicholas Edwards

    The vessel is Infinity: a 120-foot nomadic sailing boat, built by hand in the 1970s, with no reinforced hull to protect her from ice damage. The crew is a band of free-spirited dissidents, with no permits, no insurance and no budget. During the iciest year on record in the Southern Ocean, Infinity and her 16-strong crew leave New Zealand to travel 8,000 miles across the Pacific to Patagonia – via Antarctica. This is a story about sailing, the camaraderie of a shared struggle and the raw, awe-inspiring power of the natural world. And it’s a glimpse into a lifestyle beyond the norm.

  • The Legacy

    Category: Environment

    5 minutes, Produced by: Erick Higuera


    The Legacy takes us to a remote archipelago in Mexico, where words like ‘abundance,’ ‘thriving,’ and ‘perfect and healthy populations’ are still being used to describe the marine environment.

    A spell-binding setting where even the majestic Giant Pacific Mantaray can flourish, the Revillagigedo Islands are evidence that the ocean’s biodiversity, and our hope, is not yet lost.

  • 4 Mums in a boat

    Category: Great adventure and emotion

    It’s an epic adventure, but when the team meet a hurricane mid-Atlantic, the expedition becomes more about survival than crossing the finish line…


    44 minutes, Produced by Simon Tucker (UK)


    In December 2015, these four forty-something ladies from Selby and York area, set off on a herculean challenge to row the Atlantic Ocean setting a new world record for oldest crew of 3 or 4 to row any ocean!
    Janette Benaddi, Helen Butters, Frances Davies, Niki Doeg , took part in the renowned Talisker Whisky Atlantic challenge, the world’s toughest rowing race. This daunting feat saw them row 3,000 nautical miles in 67 days in all weathers to raise money for their special chosen charities Maggies and Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The intrepid mums have already become the first ladies to row across the North Sea. The Yorkshire Rows story continues along with the charity work, a book and a film and perhaps another adventure!


    Dit is het ongelooflijke - en waargebeurde - verhaal van vier gewone werkende vrouwen die een enorme uitdaging aangingen en ook nog een wereldrecord vestigden!

    Op 20 december 2015 roeiden zevenentwintig teams de haven van La Gomera uit. Het waren allemaal getrainde sporters, op één team na. Dat bestond uit vier doodgewone vrouwen, die op het punt stonden een uitzonderlijke prestatie te leveren.

    La Gomera was de startplaats van de Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge, ofwel de zwaarste en moeilijkste roeiwedstrijd ter wereld. Deelnemers moeten 3000 mijl over de Atlantische Oceaan afleggen, waarbij blaren, haaien, zeeziekte en ernstig slaaptekort meer regel dan uitzondering zijn.

    Maar Janette, Niki, Helen en Frances hadden een droom, en niets - of dat nu hun ietwat gevorderde leeftijden, kinderen, banen of echtgenoten waren - kon ze tegenhouden!

  • Haven

    Category: Sport / Freediving

    5 minutes, Produced by: Guillaume Néry


    Lying 50 metres below the surface, Haven is the largest shipwreck in the Mediterranean. Any journey down to the magnificent vessel is haunting and fascinating, but this expedition is even more captivating as it’s made by freedivers, including four-time world freediving champion Guillaume Néry, battling extreme depths, poor visibility and dangerous currents as they explore the wreck without supplementary oxygen.

  • Whale Chasers

    Category: Passion

    17 minutes, Produced by: Tess Brosnan


    Sitting high on a rugged hilltop looking out over New Zealand’s Cook Strait, an unusual team of ‘citizen scientists’ keeps watch for migrating humpback whales. They’re spotting for the Cook Strait Whale Count – a study into the recovery of New Zealand’s humpback population since the end of New Zealand whaling in 1964. These volunteers are uniquely skilled in watching whales: not only are they descendants of New Zealand’s 200-year history of whaling, they were all once whalers themselves…

  • Stay with us

    Category: Abyss

    5 minutes, Produced by: Dustin Adamson


    The search for extra-terrestrial life has always fascinated humans, as we look to the darkness above and imagine what sort of alien beings share our universe. Stay With Us suggests that maybe we’ve been looking in the wrong place – and introduces creatures far stranger than those we can dream up for sci-fi films…

  • Ocean rubbish

    Category: RECLYCING - ART

    3 minutes, Produced by: David Day / ABC Open


    David Day is an artist from Queensland who, on walks along the beach with his son, was inspired not just to pick up rubbish they found washed up on the shore, but to do something meaningful with it. He now makes colourful yet surprisingly life-like models of all sorts of marine life, turning worthless junk into objects of beauty, and raising awareness of the ever-growing problem of plastic in our oceans.