Our vision is to inspire more people to explore, respect, enjoy, and protect our oceans. We are looking for a broad selection of films to fill a 2+ hour program that will tour Australia and internationally. We are searching for one long film (45mins to 55mins) and a number of short films (40 minutes and shorter) to make up our program.


    At the Ocean Film Festival Australia we are actively searching for films covering topics including ocean exploration, ocean related adventures, marine creatures, ocean related sports, ocean racing, coastal cultures, sailing, diving, rowing, free diving, surfing, oceanic environment, and ocean lovers.


    The 2016 Ocean Film Festival tour will kick off in Australia in March 2016 and in Belgium in October 2016. The deadline for submissions is November 2015. To find out more information about the tour and royalties you can earn if your film is selected email us at: info@oceanfilmfestival.com.au and info@capmundo.com


    We prefer to receive submissions electronically, either directly or via Film Freeway. Either click on the link below or email us on info@oceanfilmfestival.com.au and info@capmundo.com